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Telor Tactical – SAM Tourniquet – Shot Show 2022

Telor Tactical – SAM Tourniquet – Shot Show 2022

Initially, Ryan and I sought out Telor tactical for their tourniquet – the SAM. Many of our Fit to Fight® programs include a trauma care portion that emphasizes basic skills to keep blood in the body. We’ve connected with organizations such as Dark Angel Tactical, First Care Provider, and Stop The Bleed, to continue to enhance our own skills and deliver the most up-to-date information. 

The tourniquets we have for our courses include the SWAT-T, SOF-T, CAT, and RATS. So we were interested in seeing another product and were surprised by some of the clear benefits the Sam holds over the others. While it is certainly not a “one product fits all” solution (none will be)  we like a few key features. Read below and check out our video with David at Telor.

1. It’s easy feed system makes setting up the TQ a bit simpler than some others (from our list above: the CAT and SOF-T) which have two spaces that the tail needs to be thread through. We should mention, properly prepping your TQ in an IFAK or medical bag is important.  

2. The use of buckle auto-lock technology is far superior to velcro which can wear down over time from friction/movement/repeated staging. 

3. For one-armed self-application, the product did not slip while trying to tighten it down (SWAT, SOF-T, and CAT all share this issue). 

4. The TQ is immediately tight after locking it in place – even prior to using the windless. In this way it’s similar to RAT. The RAT requires wrapping the tail around the arm then locking it in place with the metal cleat.

It’s only fair, while we’re here, to mention some of the cons to real world application with the SAM tourniquet.

1. The ease of a quick release tab is fantastic in training but not so great when treating a wounded individual who may be trying to take the TQ off of themselves. We typically suggest babysitting an individual who has had a TQ applied if at all possible. In terms of this point, the RATS tourniquet system is the only one that fits the bill. Once the tail is locked in at the metal cleat, the TQ will need to be cut off.

2. With the Truflex plate, the TQ has a minimum size it will go to which may not be suitable for small limbs or animals. This is the case with the SOF-T and CAT as well. It is part of why a “one product fits all” solution isn’t realistic with tourniquets.

We appreciated getting the chance to review the SAM TQ with Telor Tactical. It has some definite advantages to those who may have to apply a tourniquet to themselves. As with anything, it’s important to recognize what fits your lifestyle best. Having options based on who you are typically with is important and of course – TRAIN! Training matters. Set up your gear, make sure you can access it, and have a designated training tourniquet that is not your EDC.