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At Fit to Fight® we train effective, realistic combatives grounded in real-world applications and everyday situations. We continuously test our curriculum to innovate and adapt, go beyond the orthodox, and explore what works in support of the mission to prevail against violence in the modern world.

Self-Defense Modalities

Fit to Fight® prepares its affiliates and students of all ages through the fitness and training of real-world, self-defense modalities and proven tactics.

Preemption +


Teaching students how to be more self-aware for themselves and loved ones to reduce the chances of a violent assault...

This includes techniques and strategies from verbal and physical de-escalation, recognizing cues, creating space, escape, to self-defense parameters when interacting with strangers or threats.



Utilizing parts of the body, such as hands, feet, knees, elbows, and more – striking inflicts damage on an attacker...

Covering the pros and cons of different variations of strikes and how to defend against them allows students to explore fundamental principles of distance, power, endurance, feints, movements, angles, and escapes. This training enhances fitness and mobility by combining interconnected movements with timing and space.



Entanglement with a violent aggressor is highly probable – and we teach the skills needed to survive this violent and close encounter...

Escaping, dominating, or accessing tools in the clinch is a big part of our realistic combatives curriculum. We teach our students the physiological principals of posture, level, energy, and angles to demonstrate their importance and effectiveness.



Being knocked to the ground can be a vulnerable position to be in, and simply standing-up may not be an option...

Our students will learn how to utilize the best grappling techniques to subdue, attack, and escape real-world situations. We will explore fundamentals and techniques, multiple aggressors, the access of tools, and what to do when your attacker will not quit due to the effects of adrenaline.



Weapons-based fighting exposes our students to an environment where tools become an equalizer...

We will explore close contact, distance, fighting position, posture, pressure, and how that all relates to weapons access or defense. Timing, retention, tactics, and technique are key – because weapons on or around either combatant can be utilized at any time.


Mixed Modern Combatives provides our students with multidisciplinary training in Modern Krav Maga, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Jiu-Jitsu and Combat Wrestling techniques. Defensive Options® are a focused expressions of a topic, skill, discipline, or a self-defense modality.

Mixed Modern Combatives

The term “Mixed Modern Combatives” communicates the Fit to Fight® ethos when looking at self-defense and our curriculum. "Mixed" means we draw from a variety of proven fighting techniques to effectively and efficiently teach students the best self-defense skills. "Modern" speaks to an evidence-based approach to explore what works and what doesn’t and can be replicated under stress. "Combatives" means that this isn’t an art. We don’t teach self-defense for rank and glory, but rather to keep people safe, healthy, and prepared to prevail in the face of violence.

Defensive Options®

Defensive Options® are seminars, events, and programs that provide a deep dive into a particular subject, skill, technique, or strategy. They offer exposure and exploration for beginner, intermediate, and advanced level students – with the focus on technique and application – in small group settings. By design, Defensive Options® are focused and fast. From a 1/2 day workshop to a 3 day event. They are a great way to get on the mat, test your skills, or be exposed to knew ones.