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June 2022

Why Your Self-defense Instructor is Teaching You to Die Now that I have your attention, please understand, I don’t believe that your instructor wants you to die, nor do I believe that he/she is intentionally teaching you things that will get you killed. However, the lack of malicious intent will not make you safer. Your instructor being a “good guy” will not enhance your survivability. So, why is the self-defense world rife with techniques and methodologies that will likely ensure your demise? Let’s explore this a bit, shall we? THAT'S THE WAY

Initially, Ryan and I sought out Telor tactical for their tourniquet - the SAM. Many of our Fit to Fight® programs include a trauma care portion that emphasizes basic skills to keep blood in the body. We’ve connected with organizations such as Dark Angel Tactical, First Care Provider, and Stop The Bleed, to continue to enhance our own skills and deliver the most up-to-date information.  The tourniquets we have for our courses include the SWAT-T, SOF-T, CAT, and RATS. So we were interested in seeing another product and were surprised by

Learnopoly is a team of knowledgable online course reviewers who aim to help users make informed decisions among the breadth of options available. In the Martial Arts category for 2021, Fit to Fight® is proud to have clinched the best overall online class as well as the best Krav Maga online class: https://learnopoly.com/best-online-martial-arts-classes/ "Whilst all the courses we reviewed were excellent at teaching their specific art, Hard Ready 6 gives good instruction in multiple disciplines, covering boxing, wrestling, groundwork, and more. Plus, Hard Ready 6 features not just one, but 9 world-class coaches