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Precision Mittwork Workshop

Elevating Martial Arts Skills Through Targeted Training

Precision Mittwork Workshop

This collaboration between Revgear and Ryan Hoover represents a dynamic fusion of cutting-edge gear and expert training methodology.

Purchase your Revgear Micro Speed Mitts and get in-person, online, or recorded access to an exclusive workshop with Ryan Hoover, Fit to Fight® Founder.

The seminar delves into the Fit to Fight® unique no-call system, a revolutionary approach to combat training that emphasizes efficiency, adaptability, and skill enhancement.

Many mitt work sessions lack key elements for martial artists. This system covers the full range of fighting with weapons considerations. 

Through the Fit to Fight® No Call System You Will: 
✅ Keep students active through the entire round
✅ Develop true hand-eye coordination
✅ Incorporate in-fight weapon access

✅ Utilize kickboxing, clinching, wrestling and more
✅ Have flexibility to incorporate other striking systems and counts

✅ Make training accessible for all striking terminologies

Participants have the flexibility to join either in person at Fit to Fight® Charlotte or through Zoom, ensuring accessibility and convenience for learners worldwide. The Zoom session will be recorded so anyone who is not able to attend can still access the training.

The micro mitts, renowned for their quality and durability, offer practitioners the perfect tools to engage in Hoover’s specialized training techniques. This collaboration not only provides access to premium gear but also empowers enthusiasts to refine their skills under the guidance of a renowned expert in combat training.

Use the link below to purchase Revgear’s unique and ergonomic Pro Leather Micro Mitts. Then keep an eye on your email for an invite to the Micro Mitts training session on Saturday 2/03 at 12pm EST. 

About the Author

Ryan Hoover is the Founder and Chief Instructor for Fit to Fight®. He has extensive knowledge in Krav Maga, Wrestling, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, and other fighting arts. Ryan is a 2nd Degree Krav Maga black belt, the founder of Fit to Fight® Modern Krav Maga™, and a BJJ Black Belt.