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Krav Maga

It has been several years since the "F*ck Your Lineage" video was released, and now a once major training organization that has built its marketing around being "not a martial art" has proclaimed pedigree to be canon.Pedigree is about straight lines: royalty, dog breeds, and martial arts are typical examples. It's about denying outside influences to such a degree that debilitating health maladies are inevitable. Whether it's limb malformation, hip dysplasia, or blind allegiance to a figurehead, this inbreeding favors form over function. It's not about what "works" but rather

This collaboration between Revgear and Ryan Hoover represents a dynamic fusion of cutting-edge gear and expert training methodology. Purchase your Revgear Micro Speed Mitts and get in-person, online, or recorded access to an exclusive workshop with Ryan Hoover, Fit to Fight® Founder. The seminar delves into the Fit to Fight® unique no-call system, a revolutionary approach to combat training that emphasizes efficiency, adaptability, and skill enhancement. Many mitt work sessions lack key elements for martial artists. This system covers the full range of fighting with weapons considerations. Through the Fit to Fight® No Call

TL;DR - Corporations should prioritize the well-being of their workforce by providing a safe and healthy work environment.  - Self-defense training is an effective way to demonstrate that corporations value their employees' safety and well-being.  - Self-defense training gives employees the confidence and skills to protect themselves against physical and verbal assaults.  - It also helps employees handle stressful situations, diffuse potential conflicts peacefully, and increase their physical and emotional fitness levels.  - Investing in self-defense training can positively impact employee morale, resulting in a safer, more productive work environment, and reducing the chances of

Modern Krav Maga™  modern: involving recent techniques, methods, or ideas: up-to-date  krav maga: contact combat; a form of self-defense based on unarmed combat movements developed by the Israeli armed forces  In its purest form, krav maga is a living, breathing expression of the most combat-proven techniques, tactics, and principles for dealing with interpersonal violence, without attachment to tradition for the sake of custom. In recent years, the proliferation of krav maga training organizations has resulted simultaneously in institutionalized stagnation and rapid evolution.  The former iteration, stagnation, is primarily the product of long-established organizations beholden to