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Responses to Control – Edge of Reality

Responses to Control – Edge of Reality

If Fit to Fight® were a religion, “2-on-1” would be it’s “Amen.” The importance of 2-on-1 control is emphasized throughout our system when dealing with clinch training and especially in weapons defense.

While we use the term “control” with a grain of salt, when it comes to defending a knife attack, it is important to understand the common responses to that moment in time, should one achieve it:

  • Push the knife
  • Pull the knife
  • Move the knife to the empty hand
  • Strike with the empty hand

When creating responses to common attacks, it is essential to acknowledge the likelihood of one or more of these reactions, in order to mitigate their odds of success. Variable control and the ability to fight, based on a principle based approach, is paramount to enhancing survivability.

This is what the Edge of Reality program is; a problem solving, principle based, fighting program, designed to allow the student to think and adapt, based on their assets and liabilities.