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Gun Defense

defensive options


In Gun Defense, we teach people what to do when an attacker has a firearm. Controlling the firearm’s line of fire, disarming the attacker, and gaining control of the firearm are some of the principles we teach.

While often taught in an “if this, then that” approach, Fit to Fight® recognizes that context dictates response, and our gun defense program teaches students to respond accordingly, whether that means recognizing a potential problem and leaving, recognizing a potential problem and pre-empting, changing the immediate environment, utilizing the immediate environment, employing verbal tactics, going hands on with the attacker, or any other number of potential threats or attacks.


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Great workouts and defense training. Great staff.

Paul Jacob Fronapfel FTF Member

Great place. Ryan and Amber are both very knowledgeable instructors.

Bo Riccardi FTF Member

Great place to workout! Wonderful teachers! Everyone should try this place... You will love it!!

Tim Alisa Conner FTF Member

Great classes taught by awesome instructors......a really fun place to work out!

Margie Widay Breckwoldt FTF Member

Highly recommended! There is a wealth of experience and knowledge here, and the workouts are killer. It's great fun to make close friends and fight them on a regular basis!

Justin Faircloth FTF Member

I trained Krav Maga for a few years before visiting this facility and since then my results have been through the roof. I visit as often as possible and don't plan on slowing down any time soon.

Destin Thibodeaux FTF Member